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Our Continuously Variable Transmission experts at AAMCO Cheyenne, WY will provide you with excellent care and maintenance to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely. From transmission fluid to repairs and rebuilds, we do it all to effectively maintain your vehicle.

Is Your CVT Transmission In Need of Maintenance?

What is a CVT Transmission?

Using a continuous range of efficient gear ratios, your CVT is like an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly between gears. This allows for a higher gas mileage and keeps your engine running at the most efficient and powerful level possible. Nissan, Lexus, Chrysler, Mini Cooper, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi most commonly have vehicles with CVT transmissions.

Most problems with CVT Transmissions are caused by poor fluid maintenance and lubrication issues. Many of these issues may cause a Warning Light or Check Engine Light.

How do I know I need maintenance?

  • Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid — beyond recommended maintenance interval
  • Incorrect Fluid Used — Our AAMCO transmission experts know the needs and requirement of your specific vehicle
  • Overheating Transmission — Often caused by obstructed coolers or old dirty transmission fluid
  • Valve Body Wear — Can be caused by lack of fluid maintenance eating away at the interior
  • Damaged Push Belt, Pulleys and Bearing(s)

Need Transmission Service?

Visit our expert mechanics at AAMCO Cheyenne, WY.
We will ensure your vehicle is running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Transmission Fluid Maintenance

Our expert CVT technicians can take care of all your transmission fluid needs. We can refill your vehicle with fresh, clean fluid and make any external adjustments to ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently and safely back on the road in no time at all. If you need any transmission services, make an appointment at AAMCO Cheyenne, WY.

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